Help Mr. Bah, Humbug Himself in Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Game

It's really true what they say, you can't choose who you're related to. And it just so happens that your uncle is Ebenezer Scrooge. You know, miserly Mr. Bah, Humbug from the Charles Dickens' novel. In any case, he sends you a letter in order to ask you to come visit him, mentioning his predicament. He has been haunted by visions and has been feeling the touch of death. The tone of his letter is rather grim so despite the fact that he has barely shown any care for your family in the past, you decide to come and see him anyway. When you get there, your uncle is in deep slumber but fortunately, the Ghost of Christmas Past is more than happy to let you know how to save your uncle and to assist you along the way.

Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol

Saving Scrooge

It seems it is not yet too late to save Scrooge from his unfortunate fate in the hands of his dark self. However, you will need to help him right his wrongs and alter the events of the past. In this adventure, you will meet the three Ghosts of Yule, namely, the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. Your uncle happens to be the only one who can save Tiny Tim who happens to be seriously ill. There's just one catch --the medicine bottle is broken. Will you be able to help your uncle redeem himself to turn his life around?

It doesn't matter if you've been playing hidden object games or if A Christmas Carol is your first exposure to the genre. There are four difficulty modes to choose from so you can control how challenging the adventure will be. There are also a number of convenient features that ensure that the game never gets mind-numbingly frustrating. For starters, there is a nifty Hint system that may be accessed in the middle of the hidden object puzzles as well as out on the map -- in case you get lost on what to do next. There's also a fast travel option that allows you to skip unneeded treks back to previously explored maps.

A Familiar Holiday

If you have played Christmas Stories: Nutcracker, then you would know exactly want to expect from Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol. Brought to you by Elephant Games, the level of quality is sure to impress even the pickiest of genre fans. As it is loosely based on the original Charles Dickens tale, expect whimsical wintery backdrops, Tiny Tim and even some rather humorous scenes with imps. With high quality holiday games such as these, it's plain to see that no one makes heartwarming Christmas tales quite like Elephant Games.

With its consistent delivery, each hidden object segment and mini game is a sight to behold. The former features various objects, including familiar day-to-day items among those that adhere to the game's Yuletide theme. The mini games set the tone for each scenario, allowing you to unlock the mysteries of Scrooge's life interactively. The script is well-written. There's no need to worry about things getting lost in translation here, so you won't need to look things up every time you need to solve a hidden object puzzle.

Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol

All the Bells and Trimmings

The graphics are absolutely breathtaking. There's no shortage of wintery landscapes and festive holiday staging. With its lighting and effects, the colorful art looks like it comes straight from a hand-painted postcard. There are countless details found in every scene, which most certainly adds to the dramatic flair of Christmas Stories A Christmas Carol. If you're the type to mute the volume when gaming, then you will be missing out and we'd suggest an alternative text base xmas game like Linkit A Christmas Carol or one of the many father christmas games on the web here - The audio is also in the same vein as well. Similar to a music box, it sets the mood with its classy tunes and polished narration. The overall package is truly immersive and in case you're feeling like a Grinch, you will be hard-pressed not to turn that frown upside down.