Donate to These Worthwhile Charities at Christmas Time

Two Children hugging

For many, Christmas time is a season where friends and family get together, buy gifts and generally celebrate this wonderful time of year. We also turn our thoughts to those less fortunate than ourselves too, therefore here we take a look at charities who are grateful for your donations. There are literally millions of charities worldwide but we will focus on the ones who especially need our help during the festive season.


Crisis is a national charity dealing with single homeless people nationwide in the UK. Crisis has specific aims which are to change the way we feel about homeless people and help them change their lives for good. Founded in 1967 this amazing organisation came about when a drama called Cathy Come Home was broadcast on tv. Two Conservative MPs campaigned for a change in attitude to the homeless while also offering solutions to their plight.

Crisis adapts to changes that ocurr for homeless young people and strives to bring in innovative new services along the way. Donating money to Crisis at Christmas time will certainly help the young homeless, while at least we can feel we are doing something no matter how small to help. Why not make a donation to Crisis this Christmas and help make the season a little better for those less fortunate.


Shelter is a housing and homelessness charity that was founded in 1966 and who campaigns endlessly for political change in order to end the housing crisis that seems to forever challenge the UK. Shelter offers advice to people with housing problems both on the phone and in offices up and down the country.

Shelter believes we all have a right to decent comfortable housing and it's right. The organisation relies largely on donations from the general public plus organisations who want to get involved in helping the homeless and people who are in difficulty, while government grants also assist Shelter with their work. Shelter are grateful for donations no matter how small, so why not give to Shelter this Christmas.

Centre Point

Centre Point operate in the London area, the North East of England and Bradford offering accomodation for up to a thousand young people who are in need. Donating to this formidable charity will help them provide safety and warmth at Christmas time that vulnerable people aged sixteen to twenty five otherwise would not have.

Centre Point run many hostels where young homeless people live and appreciate any financial help they can get especially at Christmas time when being on the streets seems even worse, if that's possible. Centre Point state that they require £299,600 in order to make sure that young homeless people don't sleep on the streets this year, while making a donation especially at the festive season will go a long way to ease the homeless persons plight.

Cards For Good Causes

Cards For Good Causes was established in 1959 and began selling charity cards in shops by 1964. The organisation now has the UK's largest group of charity card makers on board selling millions of cards to make money for a variety of charities.

Cards For Good Causes sells cards on behalf of three hundred or more charities, while at Christmas time they also sell from temporary outlets opened up in towns and cities in order to boost the Christmas sales. Most of the shops are run by volunteers and at least 70p in the pound goes to the designated charity featured. Advent calendars, gift wrap and small gifts are also available.


Oxfam is an internationally recognised charity that for decades has endeavoured to help the plight of homeless and troubled men women and children worldwide. Oxfam just now are trying to raise money to help displaced people in Syria, while the government promises to match the amount they raise.

Oxfam often engage the help of famous faces in order to bring their charity into the limelight. This year their ambassador is Michele Dockery of Downton Abbey Fame. Donations to Oxfam can be given via their website.


Refuge is a charity that supports the victims of domestic violence, both women and children and launches a Christmas appeal every year at Christmas time as this is the time of year when domstic violence figures escalate considerably. Monetary donations are welcomed along with gifts that can be given to children from homes that have been involved in domestic violence.

Refuge offer a place of safety to people who are suffering from domestic violence and they state that donations no matter how small can make a real difference to its victims. Refuge run a support helpline, independant legal advocacy services and professional support for anyone who contacts them for help.